Western Australia’s Best Whale Watching

Western Australia’s Best Whale Watching enjoyed onboard Whale Watch Western Australia in the beautiful waters of Flinders Bay as the northern Humpback Whale migration was busy today with over fifty pods sighted. The morning was crisp and clear, perfect conditions for whale watching as we departed the Augusta Boat Harbour and watched carefully for friends of the cetacean kind. It didn’t take long before breaching on the horizon captured our attention and on arrival we could observe multiple pods meandering towards the cape. Mostly escort pods as females travelled with their protective male escorts through the bay and continued on with the northern migration. Common Dolphins arrived on scene to investigate what the Humpback Whales were getting up to in the morning sunshine. Due to so many pods being within close range of each other we could observe warning tail slaps and tail lobs amongst each of the pods. Our Marine Biologist Kerryn observed the Language of the Whales™ perfectly and noticed further surface activity behind us indicating a competition pod was forming. Arriving in the area she was one hundred percent correct as two boisterous boys chased after the female with much enthusiasm.

The afternoon started in similar fashion as breaching erupted on the horizon and dozens of pods were on the move. The Humpback Highway will have peaks in whale traffic and today we were enjoying a very busy time on the highway northbound. Further pods moved around the cape and one pod in particular were in the mood to have a conversation with another pod jut up ahead. Launching into spectacular double breaching the conversation continued with further tail slapping, pec slapping and head lunging. The second pod to our starboard side returned with the same language which was flowing between the two pods and left us in awe. Western Australia’s Best Whale Watching can be enjoyed with the very special Humpback Whales of Western Australia. Today we enjoyed time with these beautiful whales and had  the opportunity to observe  different energies associated with the migration and how that affects the behaviour we are privileged to see.

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