Western Australia’s Humpback Playground

Western Australia’s Humpback playground can be found during the months of October in the pristine waters off Perth as over thirty mother Humpback Whales and their calves socialised together today. It was a beautiful morning as we arrived in the sighting grounds and our first pods were relaxed mothers and calves cruising towards Rottnest Island peacefully. Almost ready to continue their southbound migration it was good to see them prepared and refreshed for the long journey ahead. Further mother and calves were beginning to congregate as one of Western Australia’s Humpback playground came to life with excitable calves racing towards the play pen.

Seven mothers and calves were all moving together at one point as further pods moved in behind us, alongside us and straight ahead as well. A wonderful feeling to be completely surrounded by Humpback Whales as there was plenty of pec slapping, fluke slapping and shenanigans amongst the exuberant calves. The mother whales will encourage their calves to play and socialise as they develop important skills, polite communication and better understand the Humpback world. Thousands of calves will have been born this year and today was a perfect example of just how healthy the population is and increasingly busy the resting grounds are becoming. A very curious juvenile Silver Gull was also enjoying some close approaches today as well with the pods being so close to the beach it isn’t unusual to have the odd seagull come over to check for any stray chips onboard! A most beautiful morning with the whales and fantastic to be welcomed into the playground of the West Australian Humpback Whales for the morning.

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