Whale Calves in Flinders Bay

Whale calves in Flinders Bay today as we fell in love with two beautiful newborns from two different species of baleen whale. A Southern Right Whale mother watched over her playful calf this morning as a Humpback mother carefully led her newborn through Flinders Bay this afternoon. The sun was shining and a gentle breeze rippled over the bay as a small tuff of misty exhale was sighted just up ahead. A little rostrum poked above the surface as we approached and  a gorgeous Southern Right Whale calf surfaced in a curious spy hop to have a better look our way. The young calf began to twist and roll playfully as Grace launched her drone so we could identify both mother and calf. They were a new pod for the catalogue and it was very exciting to see a new member of the Augusta Southern Right Whale population looking happy, relaxed and curious.

They continued to relax in the area throughout the day and we were very surprised to see a brand new Humpback calf swimming through the bay this afternoon. Our tally for Humpback cow/calf pods so far is three for Season 2021 with both mother and calf looking well. The little one had the most beautiful white tipped pectoral fins and outline on the fluke. A precious age group to spend time with as these newborns nestle in close to mum and lear all about their big blue backyard.

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