Whale Foraging in Flinders Bay, Augusta

Today was an exciting day as we observed a yearling Humpback Whale foraging in Flinders Bay, Augusta. Humpbacks of Western Australia are known to not feed during their migration, but when you are a hungry teenager Humpback Whale sightings of foraging behaviour have been regularly sighted on the east coast. The teenagers of WA’s Humpback population may be seeking similar opportunities and today with much excitement we watched as this very friendly individual approached numerous schools of baitfish. Carefully opening his mouth wide we could see all of his baleen and throat expand wide as water flowed in, a very special sight indeed! Our afternoon tour sighted a familiar face launching into some head lunging… it was our Humpback friend from this morning. Taking the opportunity to have a snooze he appeared to have startled himself while sleeping by drifting past a float causing the rather energetic surface activity. Swimming straight towards us he continued to swim directly underneath us and would pop up on one side before disappearing to the other. Waiting for his next surfacing our guests made a fantastic spot as the big white belly of this Humpback pointed towards them directly under their feet! In a very playful mood he decided to breach right off our bow before a few more dominant peduncle lobs set his authority before he approached and rolled over onto his side… eye to eye with a Humpback! A very special day to sight some incredible behaviours, social interaction and observe the delicate baleen of a yearling Humpback Whale foraging in Flinders Bay.

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