Whale Pod Importance

Whale Pod dynamics are fascinating to observe and vitally important for our migrating Humpback Whales. Today we watched on as two sub adults were swimming peacefully together in migration mode when suddenly a flash to our right caused a commotion. Swimming directly in front of the bow, we watched as the shadow of a yearling Humpback Whale ventured underneath our feet. He seemed to be trying his luck at making a sneaky approach towards the sub adults but failed to keep his focus on them. Instead he spent the next five minutes swimming around us and having a look! The sub adults had made a break for it while they had the chance and managed to sneak ahead as the yearling continued on with his day.

Journeying together and setting a steady pace, this whale pod were enjoying each others company and also leaning on each other for guidance as they navigated the shallow waters past Rottnest Island. Both still ganging experience and knowledge, it is nice to have a friend helping to make the right decisions on the journey. Just up ahead a pod with two adults were pushing forward and perhaps having accomplished this section of the migration many dozens of times previously, it was a good opportunity for these sub adults token a close eye on the direction of the adults up ahead. Wishing them well for the journey ahead and the thousands of kilometres yet to complete before they reach the summer feeding grounds.

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