Whale School

Whale School was back in class today as the school holidays completed and dozens of mother Humpbacks and their calves practiced important surface behaviours. Completely surrounded by Humpback Whales everywhere we looked, it was wonderful to see the southern migration really getting underway as the first big wave of cow/calf pods spread out along the coastline. Our first interaction was with six Humpbacks compromising of two mothers, two calves and two male escorts. All six whales were enjoying a big social outing as they twisted and turned, tail lobbed and pec slapped. It was wonderful to watch as the calves enthusiastically played together, showing off their strength and coordination. Both of these cow/calf/escort pods then took turns to approach us and spend some time quietly looking back up towards the vessel. 

The special bond and trust built with these pods takes patience but is always incredibly rewarding once you have been accepted into the pod. Further surface activity started just up ahead and as we joined a young calf was head lunging his way towards us with mum, another two pods had moved towards them. Looking for a quieter area to rest in was challenging today as Whale School was well and truly back in class as even more mothers and calves greeted us on our journey back towards the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. A further four mother and calf pods were pec slapping, head lunging and breaching in the shallows with a beautiful Fremantle port as their backdrop. We just love observing the Language of the Whales being taught by the mothers to their impressionable calves who take on the language with much enthusiasm and gusto!

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