Whale Selfies in Flinders Bay

Breach, breach breach… what a way to begin a Tuesday morning! The breaching did not stop as a juvenile Humpback was calling out to the others in spectacular fashion. Over thirty minutes later and the breaching was still going as even on the horizon we could see another Humpback conversation beginning. Our young friend settled in for a rest and we made our way to a lot of white water as peduncle slap vs breach was about to ensue. A young female was calling out with breach after extraordinary breach and she had a response as just 50 meters away another Humpback was responding with peduncle lobs. It was similar to a tennis match as we watched left then right and this continued for over an hour! The perfect opportunity for some whale selfies as we enjoyed every moment of the incredible display. Our afternoon was very similar as two enormous males surged past, they were following the same young female we met earlier in the morning. Seeming a little bit unsure of these large adults she started to move away but experience won and the older adults snuck up behind her, using our vessel as a sound footprint to hide in. All three joined together but seeing that she was still a young female the energy was more curious than competitive and it was a great opportunity to watch the tail dives and see the difference in fluke size. Breaching was happening all around and as we watched two relaxed individuals they startled on the approach of another whale into their area and we had an enormous breach less than twenty meters from the bow! We were all stunned at the power and speed this whale transitioned from resting to a breach. A huge adult who filled the camera frame with whale selfies and what a perfect way to end a breaching day here in Flinders Bay.

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