Whale Watch 1 Launches

Whale Watch 1 Launches into the Bremer Canyon with her inaugural departure today to meet the Orca of Bremer Bay. The journey out to The Patch was brilliant, her purpose built design sliced through the swell and we arrived in short time as she showed off her efficiency. Scanning the horizon we could see Shearwaters all round as they surveyed the area while gliding in search of the Orca. The call went out on our starboard side as Orca were spotted and heading straight for us, Lucy and her family pod. Giovanni came straight at us and the entire family seemed fascinated and curious to investigate the Whale Watch 1 as we found ourselves surrounded. So close and so loud, the powerful exhalation could be heard as the immense size of the Orca can be fully appreciated when this close to them. Water level and eye to eye with these apex predators it was a thrilling moment to share with our Pod Members.

Giovanni moved right around us for the full 360 investigation as Dart raced over with Milli for an inspection of our hull. The outboards are whisper quiet when idling with the Orca and it is wonderful to know our sound footprint in the environment has greatly reduced. The Orca were happily cruising with us as they continued to forage through The Patch and seemed to have a couple of small successes as shiny squid slicks popped up throughout the morning. Queen, Noosa and family also came over to say hello along with Alki and Slater, perhaps the word was out that Whale Watch 1 was in The Patch as all the family members took a few moments to come and say hello. A privilege to immerse ourselves in the world of the Orca today with our Pod Members onboard Whale Watch 1 and a celebration over a decade in the making.

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