Whale Watch 1 Safari

Morning Tour

Whale Watch 1 Safari on a magnificent day in Augusta as we enjoyed spectacular energy amongst the Humpback Whales and our afternoon sighted some rather cheeky Fur Seals too! The morning was fresh and peaceful as we departed the harbour and all eyes were out for the first sighting of the day. Tall blows to our starboard side surfaced as an escort pod calmly made their way towards the reef line. Wishing them well for the long journey ahead we pushed on towards the cape as breaching exploded along the horizon. The Whale Watch 1 made short work of the journey and we found the energy amongst these whales with multiple pods breaching as the Language of the Whales flowed amongst them all. It felt like whale popcorn as the pods launched with one female in particular putting on an incredible display as she breached repeatedly for over forty minutes as she encouraged the males who chased after her excitedly. Wishing them well after an action packed morning we soaked in the sun on our cruise back towards the coastline.

Afternoon Tour

The winds eased and the afternoon was picture perfect as within moments of departing the Augusta Boat Harbour multiple blows were sighted charging through the bay, a heat run was on! The female led the males on a big chase around the abalone farm before pivoting and pushing out towards the islands. The boys pushed and shoved to get closer and came surging towards us as they challenged each other on position. Eventually they made their way around the cape and we took a few moments to say a quick hello to the local Fur Seals. It was fantastic to see their little faces peering back at us and over twenty individuals came racing over the rocks towards us to get a better view with a few launching into the water rather ungracefully which had us all giggling at their funny antics. Our last pod for the day was yet another competition pod as this time two males were challenging each other close to the coast with a fourth challenger arriving late at the scene. A fantastic day enjoying a Whale Watch 1 safari and exploring the waters teeming with life that surround the beautiful seaside town of Augusta.

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