Whale Watch Adventure Tour

Whale Watch Adventure Tour today as we journeyed to the Humpback Whale sighting grounds and met two incredible and curious Humpbacks. Our first sighting was of a young individual who was keeping a low profile and enjoying a morning rest. Continuing just up ahead we met two large adults, an escort pod with one male and one female travelling together. The next forty minutes sighted these whales comfortably cruising further into the resting grounds and we gently watched on from afar and patiently built a bond with this pod. The relaxed body language and regular surface times and pattern of movement meant that these two whales were comfortable with our company.

Suddenly, a dramatic change of direction was sighted as both whales spun around and began to swim straight towards us! They had reached their resting destination and it was now time to enjoy a social morning interaction. The next hour sighted the most beautiful curiosity from these two whales as they swam underneath and around us, powerful exhales erupting so close we could just about feel the 300-600kph exhalation shooting into the atmosphere. The female started to show a little bit too much attention towards us which caused her male escort to display some rather impressive fluke slapping. Showing off to his girl and letting us know to not get any ideas, we wouldn’t be swimming away with his girl today! A whale watch adventure tour that resulted in a fantastic example of The Language of the Whales™ and some very special memories too.

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