Whale Watch Art Giveaway

Whale Watch art giveaway as our dear friend and brilliant artist Anne created a masterpiece for one lucky Pod Member to take home today. Anne created the most beautiful painting that took many hours to complete and is enormous! The beautiful painting was inspired by the arrival of Whale Watch 1 and to celebrate her very first season, a true piece to be treasured forever. It was a beautiful morning as we made our way to the sighting grounds and a tiny dorsal fin broke the waters surface. A gorgeous Humpback Whale calf was enjoying the sunshine as mum surfaced alongside curiously approaching us for a closer look. Investigation completed and happy with what they found it was exciting to watch as mother whale dived and lifted her enormous fluke high showing off the intricate details of the underside of her fluke. It was simply stunning and looked very much like Mahina Arts painting. In need of a lovely name so she can be added to our catalogue we decided this special female will be named in her honour, WWWAHB Anne.

A second mother and calf were moving quickly towards Rottnest before settling and it was a great opportunity to see if we could recognise this pod. Grace Was able to confirm that they were indeed a pod we interacted with back on Thursday. It is always fantastic to learn a little bit more about their stay and how long they are enjoying the resting grounds just off the Perth coastline. Our Whale Watch art giveaway was enjoyed on the return back to the Hillarys Boat Harbour onboard Whale Watch 1 with a clapping drum roll to build the suspense! Congratulations to our winning Pod Members and we cannot thank Anne enough for her generosity and time in creating such a beautiful painting to celebrate the arrival of Whale Watch 1, we will be forever grateful.

Download Photos Here