Whale Watch at Rottnest Island

Another magnificent day that ended with a big splash as a young Humpback calf shared a fantastic display of surface behaviour with breach after breach. The reason for this activity was two male Humpbacks had approached mother, calf and their male escort. Certainly not pleased with these approaching males this young male calf decided it was time to let them know who was boss and his big breaching display was the way to do it. While he continued his breaching and a few head lunges, the original male escort was busy trying to chase the uninvited males away while mum made sure her calf kept up in front of the other Humpbacks and she seemed pleased with her protective cheeky son.

Only still a baby this young Humpback calf has learnt so much over the first few months of his life and breaching is just one of many surface behaviours he will need to master before leaving his mum in approximately 12 months time. Being a male calf it is also important he is well versed in his communication skills and today he was making sure the other male Humpbacks knew to leave his milk bar (aka mum) alone! Three other mother and calf pods were also sighted today and were logging quietly in the magnificently calm and warm conditions.


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