Whale Watch Bremer Bay

Whale Watch Bremer Bay with our family onboard our daily departures to see the incredible Orca only 19 nautical mile (thirty kilometres) from the Bremer Bay coastline. A peaceful morning greeted us and it was an exciting journey to The Patch in anticipation for who would be discovered on this beautiful day. Shearwaters soared with the light breeze and shortly after arriving we could see the unmistakable dorsal fins of Orca just up ahead. It was Cheryl and her family pod who were happy to see us as they curiously approached and young calf Eddie raced over for a good morning greeting Orca style. The family was relaxed and milling about, we anticipated that they were waiting calmly for the rest of their family to move back into the area. Resting took up most of the mornings activities before a small meal was captured, they must have stumbled across a smallish squid as there was minimal oil on the surface but the family were actively feeding as the brirds squabbled for leftovers. Shortly after their meal everyone regrouped and began moving out to the west when another much loved family pod arrived on scene, Cookie and her family were back in The Patch.

El Notcho began to tail slap and everyone increased in energy and that was when Cookie launched into a full body breach as the rest of the family followed. Breaching, fluke slapping and peduncle lobs followed as the communication amongst the different family pods increased. Calling in the troops as a further two families joined and it was one big social celebration as everyone travelled to the west while the calves took the opportunity for some playtime! Eddie, Oreo, Dash, Dart and babysitter Swirl gathered together and the fun began as they chased after each other in an attempt to practice their marine mammal hunting tactics. A joy to be welcomed into the fun as the youngsters approached our bow curiously with their beautiful, shiny bodies wiggling through the deep blue Southern Ocean. The interesting transition today was when the Orca began to regroup quickly and scanning the horizon we could see why, Pilot Whales were charging in at top speed! Racing towards the Orca, they surged dominantly behind them and the Orca moved quickly back towards The Patch in a hurry. Cookie gathered her family together and they moved powerfully east with big boy El Notcho displaying his impressive surging abilities. The Orca  relaxed again once the energy being them slowed and this was the perfect opportunity to gently depart and wish them well for the afternoon ahead as we celebrated our exciting day with champagne on the journey home.

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