Whale Watch Fremantle

A wonderful morning with Humpback Whales in the “departure lounge” of Whale Watch Fremantle. The southern Humpback migration starts to pickup momentum and we see more and more whales enjoying a short relax in the sheltered waters off Fremantle. Waiting patiently for the right moment to continue their migration back to the feeding grounds of Antarctica, the Humpbacks we sighted this morning seemed to be biding their time with some social outings! A total of eight Humpback whales were all together at one point as six juveniles and two young adults twisted, rolled and balanced upside down for some morning fun and interaction. The importance of the departure lounge as a resting ground for our visiting Humpbacks when we whale watch Fremantle we can clearly see why.

A pod of two fast became four and then six as one of the cheeky individuals swam alongside us trying to hide his approach and make a surprise appearance. Although we were only in shallow water the agility of these Humpbacks is always amazing to watch as they twisted upside down and balanced their enormous flukes above the waters surface. The passing two adults were observing from afar as they travelled past but the distraction of six happy, playful Humpbacks was too much and they decided to check out what was going on. In typical adult form we watched in amazement as enormous peduncle slaps flew skyward to show off to the others their strength and let everyone know who was boss. The juveniles responded with a few peduncle slaps of their own and we loved every moment of observing the brilliant Language of the Whales™ unfold in front of us. Fantastic to see such happy whales with their focus now towards Antarctica and their first meal in a very long time.

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