Whale Watch Hillarys

Whale Watch from Hillarys it was today as we joined the migration down the coastline and into the resting grounds. The peaceful surrounds sighted Bottlenose Dolphins foraging for our first interaction for the morning. It was beautiful to watch as they gathered together and came over for a quick hello. Breaching on the horizon first captured our attention as a mother and her calf responded to a vessel moving past and on our arrival we could see why. Mother and calf were looking for a quiet place to rest and now that all was calm again they returned back to sleeping and baby appeared to enjoy a feed of milk. Searching up ahead as the energy levels changed we watched the still horizon carefully. Two tall exhalations erupted further ahead and we began our whale watch from Hillarys as we joined with three big adults who were moving as one.

This bachelor male pod were on the move and made their way in cruise control towards the resting grounds. The powerful movement of three whales swimming together is amazing to watch as the gentle tail dives would follow one by one. Eventually they had covered enough ground and were now amongst the resting whales as their energy lifted the others. Mothers, calves and their male escorts began to shuffle along to avoid contact with this powerful bachelor pod. One female swam straight towards us and gently moved alongside our vessel to allow her calf to get a good look at us. She was beautiful and so was her calf with his little speckling of new Acorn Barnacles all over his little rostrum looking like sparkling jewels below the surface. A magnificent Albatross completed our busy morning and was an unexpected but very welcome surprise as we watched him glide past in that recognisable Albatross waltz across the ocean.

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