Whale Watch Joins Bachelor Pod

Whale Watch Joins Bachelor Pod today as three enormous, boisterous males socialised with Bottlenose Dolphins, a mysterious Fur Seal and missed out on a female who managed to evade the cheeky boys attention. Our first interaction was with a very relaxed and sleeping escort pod in the shallows who were making the most of the calm conditions. Breaching and fluke slapping up ahead erupted and we observed a few different pods beginning to communicate The Language of the Whales™ amongst each other. Arriving in the area we could see an escort pod moving away from the others quickly and no wonder why, a bachelor pod of three males had joined and were enjoying playtime with the local Bottlenose Dolphins. A small brown shape darted across the back of one individual and we smiled to see a cheeky Fur Seal crashing the party as he raced around the Humpbacks quickly. Playtime completed and the bachelors began to get back on the move again and picked up a comfortable speed to cover some distance.

A beautiful sight as all three would surface together incredibly close, a little jostling and trumpeting displayed as the boys enjoyed a morning of hanging out together in search of ladies. We Joined The Pod as the males welcomed us and it felt we were one of the boys as we continued in cruise control until an unsighted female just ahead changed the energy. One of the males launched into an enormous breach right alongside us and followed it up with a tail lob as just ahead this young female began to breach and pec slap with the boys racing towards her. They were a little too excited and as they closed in the distance we noticed that the female had suddenly gone silent. A few moments later she surfaced right behind our stern and used us as a distraction to outsmart the males for just long enough to evade their attention… that was one clever young Humpback Whale! The boys seemed a little flustered they had messed that one up and one of them launched into a tail lob, we all giggled and could almost hear them trying to blame each other for loosing track of the females movements.

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