Whale Watch Lifetime Sighting Guarantee

Whale Watch Lifetime Sighting Guarantee is in place for all of our tours and as we come to the end of Humpback Whale Season 2021 we start to see a change of sighting regularity. During the Humpback migration thousands of individuals make the epic journey from the feeding grounds in Antarctica all the way to the Kimberly before a return back to the ice. A journey that over forty thousand Humpback Whales complete in Western Australia each year which provides fantastic and consistent Whale Watch opportunities. Towards the end of each season we can see a change to the number of whales moving south which creates gaps in the southbound whale traffic. Eventually there will be no more whales left to return south and this year we have seen a very early migration with fewer whales now being sighted less regularly along our coastline.

Today we had the opportunity of covering much of the sighting grounds in search of our migrating Humpback Whales but unfortunately it appears this years migration has come to an earlier end. Instead we had the wonderful company of the local Bottlenose Dolphins who had a very busy morning unfolding. Arriving on scene it was clear that an earlier hunt had been successful as mother Dolphin proudly carried her prize as the calves followed. The energy then increased and a very large fish leapt from the ocean as we observed a second hunt taking place. A hunt that was also successful it was wonderful to see the Bottlenose Dolphins enjoying a decent meal. A beautiful morning out on the water and our Whale Watch lifetime sighting guarantee means we are very much looking forward to welcoming our Pod Members back onboard again soon. A wonderful Humpback Whales season and we are already counting down the days until we see them again in Season 2022!

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