Whale Watch Orca Research

Whale Watch Orca Research is happening onboard every tour as we continue to learn more about the incredible Orca and their family pods. Today our first interaction unfolded as we departed the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour on Swarbrick Road as the local Bottlenose Dolphins swam over to say good morning and enjoy some bow riding. So many of these individuals have scars from shark attacks that have healed over time showing the dangers within these waters but thankfully the Dolphins are well adapted to their unique home. Should the worse happen and a Dolphin is bitten by a shark they are able to heal incredibly quickly and rejuvenate the bite wound with blubber. Wishing them well for their morning foraging ahead we continued onwards to The Patch. Blows just ahead within moments of arriving as beautiful Cookie and her family cruised towards us. 

During each tour our team onboard collects photo identification images of each of the Orca we interact with which expands our knowledge on the population. El Notcho was looking as handsome as ever and little Oreo is getting so big now. The family continued to forage throughout the morning within The Patch as further pods began to move in to the area. Wonks came charging over and seemed to be in a rather boisterous mood as he swam in our wake for a while before moving up to the bow. He was getting a little bit frisky with big males Chalky and Hookfin as the two older boys seemed less interested in this teenagers antics. Chalky chased after him as the two swivelled right next to us and it looked like Wonks got the massage and began to quickly swim back towards his family. Chalky and Hookfin continued onwards with Stella as they then joined up with Kidji and her family pod for the rest of the afternoon. One aspect of Whale Watch Orca Research is photo identification and by monitoring the individuals and recognising them we are better able to understand the complex social bonds as different individuals mingle together.

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