Whale Watch Perth

Whale Watch Perth was at its most sensational today as a male Humpback breached only meters from our bow in crystal clear waters! Breaching first captured our attention as we observed on the horizon The Language of the Whales™️ take place as one pod breached and the other returned the conversation with some surface activity of their own. Arriving slowly we had Humpback Whales surfacing all around us as they scattered, a competition pod was getting underway. Two males jostled next to each other as they sized up who was the biggest and as they focused their attention on each other the beautiful female became very curious towards us. She gently approached and swam underneath and around our vessel as she curiously investigated.

The males followed and in the crystal waters we watched on in amazement as we looked through a mirror into their watery world. Eventually, the female made her choice and moved off with one of the males and as they left the remaining male seemed rather frustrated. Trumpeting loudly and beginning to vent that frustration he launched into some incredible surface activity for the next 45 minutes. Showing off to us and giving us big “belly” hugs as he tried to persuade us to join with him instead, we certainly weren’t prepared for the enormous barrel role breaching just meters from our bow! A truly spectacular sight as he continued with head lunging, pec slapping, inverted tail slapping, peduncle lobs and of course breaching. Eventually all this surface activity did capture the attention of nearby Humpbacks and we wished him well as he moved towards them. Whale Watch Perth was simply superb on such a perfect morning and our friendly local Bottlenose Dolphins completed the perfect day in the sunshine.

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