Whale Watch Perth WA

Whale Watch Perth WA in November to witness the epic southern Humpback migration as the whales make their journey back towards Antarctica. A few days of bad weather has kept us patiently waiting for the weather to clear and this morning was the day as we excitedly prepared to make our way to the sighting grounds. The conditions had eased and rain cleared perfectly for us as all eyes scanned carefully. The previous days rougher weather had caused the sand to stir and created the most beautifully coloured water. Just up ahead small tail slapping could be sighted as a young Humpback Whale calf started to communicate towards another pod to his right hand side. Gently approaching we could see all three pods in the area milling about and seeming rather relaxed. The mother and calf had a male escort following them and the female began to approach us curiously.

It was very exciting to be surrounded by Humpback Whales after a few days without their company and our morning only got better with the happy approach of the local Bottlenose Dolphins. Swimming straight to the bow they seemed almost as pleased to see us as we were to see them! Whale watch Perth WA never ceases to amaze us as we meet some of the most amazing creatures on our planet right on the doorstep of Perth. Our morning completed with a spectacular display as a mother and calf began to practice the Language of the Whales™ together. Tail slapping practice was first up as both mother and calf lifted their flukes high and created an amazing amount of white water and sound. Breaching by the young calf followed along with pec slapping and peduncle slaps. Needless to say we were rather happy to be back out on the water again with our best mates!

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