Whale Watch Perth Western Australia

Whale Watch Perth Western Australia was spectacular this morning as we had three beautiful Humpback calves breaching at once putting on a triplet display! The rain held off for this morning as the wind ruffled the surface as we moved out into the sighting grounds and were soon greeted by big tail lobbing from a protective male escort. Doing is job perfectly the escort protectively guarded the mum and calf he was travelling with and it was great to see the little one launch into breaching to help the male with the acoustics of his display. The pod approached us for a closer look and began to settle into their newly found location as we decided it was a good time to wish them well and move out towards a convergence of pods further ahead. Tucked in close to the coastline we could see a commotion of white water as calves were breaching and we were in for a very special interaction.

It was a total of four mum and calf pods with all joining in as they practiced the Language of the Whales. A beautiful sight to see as the fourth pod remained in a spot they were happy with as the six other Humpbacks moved together as one with breach after breach. It was phenomenal to watch as all three calves breached at once and even the mums joined in with spectacular head lunging and pec slapping. You could see and feel the joy amongst all of these beautiful whales and whenever the mums were below the surface and all calves breached together it made us smile to see what looked like a pod of triplet calves. Although mother whales only have one calf at a time it is these moments where you can see how strong the social and intelligent aspect is throughout their lives including when mothers gather their calves together in these play groups. A very special morning to enjoy some superb whale watch Perth Western Australia and even as we close in on the end of the southbound migration it goes to show everyday is unique in the world of the whales!

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