Whale Watch Perth

Sunshine, Humpback calves and friendly Bottlenose Dolphins completed the most beautiful Sunday Perth morning today☀ The perfect conditions were drawing a crowd of boat traffic towards Rottnest Island and we found ourselves acting just like a male escort Humpback as we stayed with a mother and her calf as she crossed the busy channel. She kept her calf close to us and once the other vessels had moved past she moved into a quiet pocket to enjoy the rest of her morning. Once a female trusts our vessel she will often use us as a sound footprint and today was a perfect example of how she treated us just like a male escort and it was a pleasure having the opportunity to help this female and her calf safely “cross the road”.

The second mother and calf pod we met were having a great time playing with the local Bottlenose Dolphin family as all 20-30 individuals surrounded mother and calf. These interactions are always fantastic to see especially when young calves are involved as the little Humpbacks try to keep up with the fast moving Dolphins and when the Dolphins try to leave the Humpback calves always seem to chase after them… poor mum has to try and keep up with her cheeky toddler!

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