Whale Watch Steals The Show!

Whale Watch Steals The Show! The winter school holidays has already been a busy and exhilarating time as over the last few days another surge in the number of Humpbacks has rushed through Flinders Bay. Similar to filling an empty room with many people, conversations will start to take place amongst everyone and exactly the same is true for the whales. The morning was alive with the Language of the Whales as pod after pod began to move through the bay and towards the exit door which is the reef line. A tail slap here and breach over there continued throughout the morning as each pod defended their little spot in the bay. Everywhere we looked the distinctive exhalations of Humpback Whales filled Flinders Bay and it was two young whales launching into full bodied breaching in the morning sunshine that had us all gasp in amazement and wonder.

The afternoon was a winter wonderland of whales dancing around the rain showers and the numbers were still flooding through the bay. A relaxed escort pod was in cruise control towards the reef line and as they approached their departure location another four escort pods surrounded them, all with the same exit plan in mind. Breaching in the middle of the bay began an increase of activity as a dozen pods shuffled about and began to move towards the shallows. A wonderful day filled with Whales, Common Dolphins, Albatross, breaching, head lunging and tail lobbing had a final and spectacular finale. A small and feisty young Humpback charged towards an individual in the last moments before we made our way back to the harbour, we decided to wait a little bit longer and see what would eventuate. That little Humpback launched itself towards the tail lobbing whale as they both lifted up, belly to belly in a powerful embrace of strength. A simply sensational day and we would like to thank our one hundred happy guests today for joining the pod and your support.

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