Whale Watch WA Goes National!

After a decade in the making Whale Watch Western Australia has now opened it’s legendary family brand in the eastern States. The first new operation will commence in Queensland on the Gold Coast and from June 1st 2021 you will be able to Join the Pod on the lookout for Migaloo and the rest of his 35,000 eastern seaboard friends as they migrate each year from Antarctica.

We are very excited to bring this new offering to all Australians and Internationals alike aboard our brand new specifically designed 50 seat Whale Watch 1 vessel.

Our state of the art vessel is the newest Whale Watch vessel in Australia, specifically designed and 100% Australian Made for our world class tours and to elevate your Whale Watch experience.

We look forward to bringing you more research and cetacean viewing from all around our great country, Australia and stay tuned for further updates to come in the New Year.

Whale Watch Family Team.

Whale Watch Queensland

Whales Gold Coast