Whale Watching at Rottnest Island

The Dwarf Minke Whales were back again today while whale watching at Rottnest Island and with much excitement we watched as the magnificent body markings of the Minke raced around us investigating before surfacing right on the bow. Humpbacks breached and tail slapped as we watched the Language of the Whales™ unfold as the separate pods communicated to each other over distance. One young whale seemed to be on the lookout for a companion and as she surfaced alongside us a few times we could see her notice instantly the breaching on the horizon, moving her body to face the direction of that sound we wished her luck as she departed to find a buddy for the rest of her southern migration. A good spot to our port side as two Humpbacks moved in our direction, these two wanted to come and have a good look at us and within minutes they surfaced right alongside our vessel.

Spy hoping on the bow, on the stern and a good belly roll alongside enabled them to get a very good view of all the humans onboard who were admiring them… it was difficult to know who was more intrigued! These two Humpbacks were also very special in body markings, both had big white bellies that extended up their flanks and they almost looked like twins. The white glow of their bellies could be sighted as they drifted below us before resurfacing again on the bow and swimming around to our stern. Looking at these enormous whales and understanding that they have travelled so far north and now back towards Antarctica we are always truly privileged to spend moments with them as they achieve their epic migration. Their curiosity towards us and gentle nature as they investigate is remarkable and as we can see over the last three days both Minke Whales and Humpback Whales love the opportunity for some people watching while we are whale watching at Rottnest Island!

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