Whale Watching Augusta 2019

Breaching into whale watching Augusta 2019 today with our first Humpback tour of the season! Departing the Augusta Boat Harbour and enjoying the lovely morning as we approached schools of active baitfish being chased by Gannets, Crested Terns, Antarctic Skua, Storm Petrels and even a beautiful Yellow Nosed Albatross. Surfacing right in the middle of all the activity was a young Humpback Whale who was sleeping in on this Saturday morning. Slowly surfacing to replenish oxygen he was tucked away close to the reef as it provided a suitable sound footprint to rest in. A second Humpback was sighted and we all jumped for joy as a few rather impressive breaches launched just off our bow. This young whale was calling out to see who else was around, wanting a possible travel buddy for the next stage of the migration. No reply from any other whales meant it was time to keep on moving as he travelled calmly past Flinders Bay and rounded the corner ready to make some ground on the northern migration. The gentle rain approached and through the mist we could see someone waving at us… hello Humpback! Not just one, but two juveniles were cruising through the shallows and enjoying each others company. One in particular was enjoying some belly rolls and lifted his pectoral fin and fluke. The yellow Humpback algae known as diatoms could be sighted all over the fluke of this young whale, fresh from Antarctica and ready for an adventure along the WA coastline, let’s go whale watching Augusta 2019!

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