Whale Watching Cruise

Our whale watching cruise departing from the Augusta Boat Harbour this morning and within moments of departing a tall, wafty blow was sighted just up ahead. Slowing and watching carefully we wondered who the exhalation belonged to when suddenly squeals of joy came from the bow, right underneath everyones feat three Humpbacks surfaced! They seemed most interested in us and to our great enjoyment they continued to playfully drift around our vessel for the next hour. The three individuals seemed relaxed in each others company and they ranged in approximate age from 1 to 12 years old, so they were definitely curious teenagers. All in good health and behaving in a very relaxed manner, no one seemed in a rush to be leaving Flinders Bay just yet. Perhaps wanting to stay within the sheltered waters of the bay until this weekend storm front moves through, a good idea but these young whales needed something to pass the time.

Surfacing on our bow, behind us and mid ships as they did the full 360 investigative work necessary of our vessel and everyone onboard before we could be accepted into their pod. Seeming happy, the all clear was given and it was back to play time and dance rehearsal as they twisted and turned upside down right next to us! The beautiful flashes of pure white speckled with the fresh Acorn Barnacle scars from the previous barnacle tenants living on the skin of these Humpbacks. A social pod of three amigos was a wonderful surprise as over the last 7-10 days we have been interacting with many competition and escort pods who display a very different energy. To compliment the already beautiful scene during our whale watching cruise, a full rainbow stretched over us and our three Humpback friends now that we had Joined the Pod™.

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