Whale Watching From Hillarys


Whale Watching from Hillarys and Fremantle on a beautiful spring morning as mothers and calves relaxed in the resting grounds. A glimpse of jet black broke the waters surface shortly after departing aboard the Whale Watch 1 and we were excited to see a sleepy mother logging at the surface with her calf. Logging is a behaviour observed when whales sleep at the surface providing an easy way of breathing as blowholes are either above or just below the surface. It is also a wonderful way for the calves to spend some surface time and today this cheeky little munchkin was very focused on us with eyes wide open staring back our way. Further mother and calf pods moved through the area and we completed our beautiful morning with some powerful breaching as three pods converged and communicated the Language of the Whales™️.

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The Steep Point departed the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and as we made our way to the sighting grounds a mother and her calf surfaced just ahead and began swimming directly towards our vessel. She was curious and seemed to investigate us before welcoming us into her pod and continuing moving through the resting grounds. Grace could see through her drone that the calf was nursing regularly and enjoying breakfast. A second mum and calf were also relaxing and nursing as the local Bottlenose Dolphins feasted on fish, even popping up to say hello with a cheeky spy hop. Joining with Whale Watch 1 we enjoyed the company of a further four pods of mothers and calves beginning to converge. Breaching erupted as they continued their communication completing a beautiful morning in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

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