Whale Watching Hillarys

Fremantle Whale Watch

Whale Watching Hillarys this afternoon with an interesting pod of mother, calf and bachelor males while this morning whale watching from Fremantle observed some social, pec slapping pods. A light breeze was forecast throughout the day which created perfectly calm conditions. It was a dramatically beautiful morning as we departed the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour with clear skies and dark rain clouds on the horizon. Our first pod was a lone juvenile calmly moving through the resting grounds in search of a friend.

It took a little while but eventually the youngster had a second juvenile join and in a mood of celebration playful pec slapping began. It was the theme of the morning as a second pod of four adult whales were also enjoying a social interaction as a gentle hazy rain fell around us the pec slapping continued. One of the adults had distinctive scarring on the dorsal fin and along the peduncle which indicated this lucky Humpback Whale was an Orca attack survivor.

Hillarys Whale Watch

Our afternoon began as we departed aboard the Whale Watch 1 from Hillarys Boat Harbour with a bright blue sky and silky calm conditions. Cruising out to the sighting grounds we could see two seperate pods, one pod of two adults and a second pod of a mother, calf and curious bachelor males. The pod of adults didn’t want the attention from the bachelor males so completed a couple of fluke slaps to warn them to stay away. They needn’t worry as the two males were already completely focused on the mother and calf as they followed her calmly.

The males are usually boisterous but today they were deliberately being gentle so as to keep mother whale happy as all four cruised together. It was so calm we could hear every exhale and as the gentle patter of rain fell around us it was completely still. A beautiful afternoon as the sunset created whimsical colours along the horizon and a peaceful environment for the Humpbacks to enjoy. Eventually the mother whale was able to create some distance between herself and the males and made a break for it. The two bachelors decided not to follow and instead relax for an evening in the resting grounds waiting patiently for the next females to arrive.

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