Whale Watching Hillarys Boat Harbour

It was another exciting day with our Humpbacks showing surface action all the way from Fremantle to the Hillarys Boat Harbour. We first met up with some dolphins as they tail slapped their way just off of North Mole picking up an early morning feed and whilst we sat and watched them the action could be seen all the way up the coast past Cottesloe, City Beach, Scarborough, North Beach, Watermans, Mullaloo with Whale Watching Hillarys Boat Harbour as the main action for whale watchers was on display in force. We were approached by a large female with a very light coloured calf sticking to her like a ramora fish as a very large adult male kept trying to attract her attention, of which, she wanted nothing to do with. Again and again she would approach our vessel at speed and dive under to use our vessel as a block against the big male however he would not be denied and followed her for over an hour. At one point she brought the calf to within a few feet of our bow and only then did the big male’s energy move from her to us!

He came in close and gave us a big eyeball followed by an intense couple of minutes where he was showing his size and rolling around the female and around us, just letting us know she was his girl and he was ready to compete for her. This attention on us gave the environment a chance to settle and the small pod slowed and seem to relax a bit as the male took on more of an escort roll than an immediate suitor.

Many other whales were breaching off in the distance and as the Language of the Whales can cover vast distances it set off a domino effect and once again the whale watching from Hillarys Boat Harbour to Fremantle started up again in force, at this time the mother, calf and big male again started to move west at speed but not as intense as the first encounter. This Saturday is our inaugural VIP Captains Lounge Hillarys Day Tour whereby you can now get picked up and chauffeured from Hillarys Boat Harbour to fremantle and enjoy the Captains lounge experience, have a seafood lunch and shopping in Fremantle and the visit AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia) at the Hillarys Boat Harbour all within the same day, so grab a few friends and we will chauffeur you from Hillarys to Fremantle and enjoy a day with the Western Australian Humpback Whales.

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