Whale Watching in Augusta

Whale watching in Augusta was spectacular today as we watched the visiting Humpback Whales launch into full body breaching! It was a big surprise as we gently approached a sub-adult and waited quietly for a few moments for his next surfacing when suddenly a flash appeared just in front as he took off in a huge breach, his big eye staring straight back at us. Having had a good look he then continued to swim straight towards us before circling towards our stern. A muffled peduncle slap up ahead singled some energy was brewing and we counted one, two… three blows all racing together. A competition pod was underway and we smiled to see that the energy was the same, but these whales were much younger than yesterday’s individuals. All three were at that age group and size where they go from teenagers to young adults, and these two boys were now chasing after this young female. A loud sound whooshed to our starboard side and as we peered over the edge all three Humpback rostrums were less than three meters from our boat!

Even though they were young, these two males already know how to use what was in their environment to their advantage. Pushing each other towards the boat it enabled a few moments of distraction before they took off again at high speed. One of the most spectacular moments was when one of the males launched into a huge breach just off our bow with the beautiful backdrop of the Leeuwin Lighthouse… whale watching in Augusta is very special. Our last interaction was with two enormous adults who were quietly resting together, suddenly they thrashed out and we thought perhaps there may have been possible predation in the area. Momentum carried both of them into breaching and head lunging together across the bay which was incredible to watch. Should sharks venture too close to resting whales they will respond in this fashion to warn off the predator who would be wise to stay clear of these powerful whales!

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