Whale Watching in Flinders Bay

Whale Watching in Flinders Bay on the first day of winter as we joined with a quad pod of Humpback Whales on their migration journey. A beautiful morning as the tall, lofty blow from the largest adult in the pod could be sighted just ahead of our search path. It appeared at first we had just the two individuals but after a few resurfacing’s we could identify the different features on each individual and eventually they all decided to surface at once. Arriving in Flinders Bay after a big swim from Antarctica the Humpback Whales are often in the mood for some relax time and social interaction before continuing the next stage of their journey. These four whales seemed content in each others company and soon welcomed us into their pod as we were able to travel with them. Covering ground efficiently it wasn’t long before they had covered most of the bay and found themselves nestled in closely to the coastline, perfect time to start social hour.

A little chase and a few twists and turns displayed just how agile these powerful whales can be when moving in shallow waters and socialising amongst friends. A playful and relaxed interaction to observe as the different age groups made the most of this opportunity for play before they regrouped and prepared to depart through the reef line. Whale Watching in Flinders Bay also provides some fantastic opportunities to collect photo id of the many whales moving through the area constantly over the coming weeks. Today this lovely pod enjoyed lifting their flukes regularly which allowed us to document them and observe their huge, five meter wide propulsion that enables them to achieve such epic migrations.

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