Whale Watching in Margaret River

A grapefruit sized eye was peering back at us this morning with deep curiosity as a young Humpback Whale looked up at us a few meters away from the bow. Previously travelling towards the Augusta Boat Harbour we had caught his attention and he did a big 180 turn to face and swim towards us. Whale Watching in Margaret River from the months of June to August you will need to travel a short 25 minute drive from the centre of Margaret River to the beautiful coastal township of Augusta. Here you will see the whales visiting Flinders Bay on their journey north and it is always a very exciting experience, especially when you are looking into the eye of such a friendly whale! They will often tilt their body slightly to the side so they can get a better view of what is happening above them. We also had the local Bottlenose Dolphin family do the same today as they lifted their bodies above the surface to “smile” back at us.

We met our very first pregnant female Humpback Whale for season 2018 today and she was only very young, this possibly being her first calf. A big white belly that was tinged the lightest shade of pink, she seemed very pleased to meet us as she swam over for a quick hello before continuing on her path towards the reef line and onwards to the calving grounds. Numerous pods were relaxing in the bay with a few headstands as flukes were lifted high above the surface as they tipped their bodies upside down in a playful mood. A large female and her yearling calf cruised close by and it was then that we met the friendly young juvenile who literally stopped in his tracks to come over and meet us. There was rain on the way so we said our goodbyes to this lovely whale who followed in our wake for a little while as a stampede of rain came towards the vessel creating a beautiful scene.

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