Whale Watching in Perth

Whale Watching in Perth during the school holidays is a fantastic time to meet some of the newest members of the Western Australian Humpback Whale population. The mothers and their calves are currently moving south and today we had the most magnificent display of breaching, pec slapping, fluke slapping and inverted tail slapping as mother and calf practiced the Language of the Whales together. Pods surrounded us as white water erupted all around with multiple pods communicating with breaching and pec slapping. The mother whale was spectacular as she launched into breaching before relaxing into some graceful pec slapping. Inspiring her calf we watched on as the little one wriggled and rolled next to mum, all excited with the activity.

Eventually her calf decided it was time to fly and breached beautiful mimicking mums perfect performance. The young calf seemed pleased with the breaches completed and moved onto the next task… inverted tail slapping! It was wonderful to see this young calf tail slapping so well and it definitely appeared to be this little ones preferred behaviour to practice. Grace and her team from the Fat Whales Project did a fantastic job in documenting the interaction and incredible to observe from the drone just how precise the female is in ensuring her body always lands a safe distance from her calf. It was incredible to watch on in awe as school was in throughout our entire interaction as mother whale repeated over and over as her calf practiced along. Always a privilege to be whale watching in Perth and today we were spoilt with an incredible interaction with a very special little Humpback family pod on a beautiful morning off the Perth coastline.

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