Whale Watching in Western Australia

Whale Watching in Western Australia during winter is the perfect time to visit Augusta as we sight thousands of Humpback Whales visiting Flinders Bay. It was a dramatic and beautiful cloudy sky this morning as the rain stayed away and we could see the clouds building further offshore. Our first interaction was with a very special pod as a protective mail escort leapt into a powerful tail lob. A second adult whale surfaced and we could see tucked in close to this female a brand new Humpback calf! Absolutely adorable and with the most beautiful and distinctive markings just behind the dorsal fin it will be easy to recognise this little one in the future. Mother, calf and male escort were slowly cruising across the bay and moving into a nice quiet area which was perfect for a rest if needed. Wishing them well we moved out to deeper waters as the energy was shifting further out in the bay.

Explosions erupted as breaching, tail lobbing and fluke slapping began and the Language of the Whales flowed. The number of whales converging was close on twenty seperate individuals as the rumble and tumbling amongst the boys increased as they all jostled for position. The energy from the whales closest to us flowed over towards the horizon as incredible breaching lit up the ocean over a kilometre away. It is always incredible to see Humpback Whales breach from any distance but the horizon breaching is always special and signifies just how large these whales are and the impact a breach can make. Breaching alongside us was another dimension though as we could hear the thud of over forty thousand kilograms crashing back down. A fantastic morning for whale watching in Western Australia and a special opportunity to witness the different age groups from newborn calf to mature breeding age adults.

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