Whale Watching Perth 2023 Finale

Whale Watching Perth 2023 Finale concludes this Saturday with the final tour at 10am departing from Sardine Jetty in Fremantle. It has been a spectacular season with 100% sightings achieved again this season and incredible action as the Daily Whale can attest to since May 25th. Starting our season in Augusta for the northern migration and then out of Fremantle for the southern migration we have had the privilege of witnessing the incredible and largest migration of Humpback Whales in the world. Todays tour observed some of the last of the mothers and calves moving through the resting grounds of Gauge Roads and the Language of the Whales™️ was on full display with many numerous calves communicating with each other, some pods joined and as the calves frolicked and played together the Mum’s took a well earned rest prior to perhaps the hardest part of their energy sapping journey back through the southern ocean to the cold waters of Antarctica where their summer feeding will commence.

The Mothers have not eaten since leaving the grounds back in April and have lost up to a third of their body weight, around 10-15 ton so they will be looking forward to feasting and building up stores for the next migration just 5 months away. Their job with calf isn’t over just yet as they teach the youngster how to feed on krill over this summer and then next season as the calves become independent yearlings they will move on to their annual Humpback migration cycle. Every season is an incredible achievement for the Humpback Whales as they undertake one of the most challenging and endurance filled migrations on the planet. One of the mums and calf pods were travelling with a protective male escort today which was lovely to see and we wonder if he will be the last bachelor male we meet for the 2023 Humpback migration. If you’re in Perth and want to witness this incredible feat of endurance grab a ticket and come and see, what we believe, a true miracles of our environment.

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