Whale Watching Perth 2023

Whale Watching Perth 2023 begins today as we met our first southbound Humpback Whales who approached the Steep Point with much interest for a wonderfully curious interaction. It is an exciting time of the season as we observe the momentum of the annual Humpback migration shift with the need to make their journey back towards Antarctica a powerful motivation. It was a beautiful day in Perth with sunny skies and a calm sea so clear we could almost see to the seabed. Arriving in the sighting grounds all eyes were out as we scanned carefully for our first pod as lofty exhales appeared on our starboard side with a slinky surfacing that followed.

Approaching this pod we could see two young Humpbacks which soon became three as the juveniles circled closely before coming in for a closer look. The intense focus from these beautiful whales is always a joy to spend time with as they squeezed past each other trying to get closer to the Steep Point for a full investigation. Spy hops just off our bow were very special as they moved their eyes closer to water level for a better view. It was wonderful to have Pod Member Jan onboard today and we are sure the whales new as they seemed to be looking for her everywhere! Once in Jan’s camera frame their beautiful faces were captured as they looked curiously back our way. It is fantastic to see the next generation of young Humpbacks so curious, relaxed and intent on investigation. The boys became our best mates for the rest of our interaction as they enjoyed hanging out underneath us and using our sound footprint as we moved along together. It was the perfect way to begin what is set to be a wonderful southbound migration ahead for Whale Watching Perth 2023 season.

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