Whale Watching Rottnest Island

Spectacular whale watching today off Rottnest Island as a large black bellied female Humpback breached only meters away from our bow as she communicated the Language of the Whales towards another pod and encouraged her calf to join in on the conversation and practice his surface communication. Mum breached while her calf head lunged and the noise created by this surface activity was so loud we could hear the clap as her 30,000 kilo frame landed and sent water flying.

She also had company with a young male escort following the pair as they confidently moved towards another mother and calf pod who after hearing all that commotion decided to find a more quieter part of Rottnest. Full body breaching in such calm conditions will be heard for many kilometres by all other whales and predators that are around and it shows the confidence this female had with her surroundings and also by having a male escort with her as back up.

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