Whale Watching Safety Perth, Western Australia

Whale Watching Safety Perth, Western Australia is largely dependant upon the operators you choose and their applied disciplines that create a safe and secure environment not only for all customers but also for the Whales.

Whale Watch Western Australia is renowned for it’s 100% safety record and today was a perfect example as we were the only vessel in Perth waters operating. The wind was a constant 15 knots WSW and though there was only a small swell about (1-1.5m) our team was the safe conduit between the shore and the Whale Watching.

Great communications of the Language of the Whales™ were witnessed by our guests who braved the cold wind and rain as another bachelor pod displayed breaching, pec slapping and high energy as they approached other whales in their vicinity. A Mother & Calf, with her escort introduced the day as they started to move away from their resting grounds with a couple of huge tail lobs from the escort warned us of the approaching bachelors which we spent most of the tour watching.

They led us to the back of Rottnest Island and looking further seaward the horizon was alive with breaching whales as they moved south along their migration line toward the base of Australia and further down toward Antarctica. Returning into the shoreline the original Mother & Calf surfaced nearby and the little calf displayed a tail lob which he obviously picked up from the male escort of his mothers earlier and to all onboards delight Mum then went into a pec slapping display as if to congratulate her little calf, a proud moment for this mother Humpback Whale.

Another whale watching safety Perth, Western Australia day on the beautiful Western Australian coastline and we thank our new team members and our guests for listening to and abiding by the disciplines that keep not only all humans but also all of our wonderful whales safe in what is becoming the must do event in WA… Whale Watching with Whale Watch WA.

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