Whale Watching Season Perth

A spectacular whale watching season Perth is unfolding as we sighted surface active mums and calves who were communicating The Language of the Whales™ with each other and we had a front row seat! Starting our morning with four mothers, calves and two male escorts travelling together in a big pod towards the other resting Humpbacks looking for some fun and an opportunity to practice their surface activity. Once the breaching, pec slapping and fluke slapping began it was hard to stop as over thirty Humpbacks surrounded the general area and all put their two cents into the conversation. One large female was repeatedly pec slapping and seemed to be calling out for a male escort, all this pectoral slapping did get the attention of a second mother and calf pod with the female beginning inverted fluke slapping and tail lobs in response. Reminding us of a match of tennis as we looked left and then right as both females continued to talk to each other in the most spectacular way.

The fun certainly didn’t stop there as the female who was pectoral slapping had captured the focus of yet another mother and calf pod with the young calf breaching on his approach towards us. We could feel the excitement all around as each pod would communicate and the calves soaked up every moment of the fun. One female further away launched into enormous head lunges with her young calf breaching alongside as we observed the females motivating and teaching their calves. A perfect example of the different whale watching season Perth that we experience every year as the increase of Humpback Whales in the resting ground leads to many opportunities for these whales to communicate and socialise while enjoying the perfect weather conditions just off the coast of Perth.

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