Whale Watching Western Australia

Not a breath of wind as we departed this morning with small clouds covering the sky we were delighted to catch up with one of the local male Bottlenose Dolphins who live in the Swan River and whom we know very well… Hii! He had all his mates with him this morning and was getting ready for a fun day at Rotto by the looks of things. Two mother and calf pods were enjoying the incredibly peaceful morning and as the clouds disappeared a glorious day was had in this beautiful part of the world as we enjoyed a bit of whale watching in Western Australia.

The calm and glassy conditions were perfect for these mothers and calves to spend some time logging and preparing for the next leg of their journey. The first female was preparing to leave the coast as she slowly headed towards Rottnest and will be taking advantage of these perfect travelling conditions. The second mother and calf seemed to look like they were going to be spending an extra day or two on their journey south here and the young calf made sure mum took him over to us so he could come have a closer look at the boat and everyone onboard.

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