Whale Watching Winter School Holidays

Whale Watching winter school holidays began today with sunshine and whales kick starting what is set to be a fun and educational two weeks ahead. It felt a little more like summer today with the sunshine and slightly warmer breeze. The mornings first encounters were with relaxed and resting escort pods who were making the most of the peaceful conditions. Further ahead the energy was much different as we sighted distinctively powerful exhalations indicating some activity beginning. Three Humpbacks were chasing after each other and we watched as two enormous males challenged each other with a push here and little shove over there. The female pulled ahead and allowed the males to sort out who was going to win this competition and after a little while one of the males decided a powerful tail lob followed with a few tail slaps and seemed to do the job. Bottlenose Dolphins enjoyed a bit of bow riding as they escorted us back towards the coastline.

The afternoon was very similar as escort pods continued to rest and relax, in no hurry to go too far out of the bay. A rumble up ahead had a competition pod forming as four whales began to churn up the waters of Flinders Bay. It is always incredible to witness the power and speed amongst whales and the northern migration is all about energy. The males hustled and charged, lifting their enormous flukes to assist in diving down to the depths and chase after each other. Tail lobs followed as one of the males appeared to gain traction and begin to establish himself as the dominant male. They moved towards the cape and it was a dramatic sight to watch competitive Humpbacks and the afternoon sunshine basking everything with a warm glow, simply beautiful.

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