Whale Watchers New Pod Member

Whale Watchers new pod member Whale Watch 1 joined the pod today alongside Steep Point as we enjoyed a picture perfect morning with the Humpback Whales of Western Australia. Mother whales and their calves are currently migrating south towards Antarctica and on this long journey it is important to take time to rest. The waters located just off the Perth coastline are ideal resting grounds as the calves take time to rest and feed. Today we had three mother and calf pods calmly cruising through the resting grounds as a lone male also meandered through the area. It was a beautiful morning to enjoy after a wild spring storm rumbled through the resting grounds over the last three days and now that conditions have cleared it was relax time for the whales.

The Humpback Whales certainly were enjoying the calm conditions and as were both of our vessels as we enjoyed a lovely morning in a special place. Whale Watch 1 has been specifically designed to whale watch and is a new pod member of our dedicated Whale Watch team. Learning about the species of cetaceans we work with is a vital part of our tours as we continue to collaborate with fantastic researchers like Grace from the Fat Whales Project. Our onboard research also continues as interaction logs, behaviour observations and photo identification continues with every journey onboard both the Steep Point and now Whale Watch 1. Whale Watchers new pod member is an extremely exciting new part of the Whale Watch journey and we are looking forward to welcoming many more Pod Members onboard in the coming seasons. 

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