Whales Arrive in Fremantle

Whales arrive in Fremantle in big numbers and what a morning it was! Today we had whales left, right and centre wth a huge wave of Humpbacks coming through. Moving further through the season we are now starting to see a huge number of the 45,000+ Humpbacks estimated to migrate past our West Australian coastline every year. Our first interaction was with a mother and calf coming into our vessel to block the young escort male who was trying to show off towards them, the mother whale decided she trusted us more than this cheeky male. 

Looking ahead we could see white water and surface activity from another pod as we ventured their way we had yet another pod of two swim past us who were looking to get away from the active pod further ahead. As we got closer blows and white water from surface activity was sighted everywhere we looked! It was great to see so many whales coming through and using the Language of the Whales in such spectacular fashion. One individual had the most spectacular fluke which was completely white and we cannot wait to add him into our ever growing catalogue.

A huge head lunge was followed by another five including a spectacular double head lunge from two whales travelling together. There were many pods around today which led to much communication between the pods both close to each other and further away. To finish off a wonderful tour we saw a young calf close to the shoreline practicing his Language of the Whales with a few breaches and head lunges. Although they weren’t as big as the adults he is still was practicing good technique for when he gets a louder and heavier A very sweet sight to see the young ones mimicking what they hear and see from the adults around them.

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