Whales Fremantle

Whales Fremantle during September is the perfect time to meet the teenagers and young adults of the Western Australian Humpback Whale population. Typical of most young creatures they are immensely social and love to enjoy some interactions amongst the other whales on this southbound part of their journey. It has been a long winter for these whales and as they close the distance between themselves and Antarctica they will find themselves with some time to enjoy relaxing in the resting grounds. Today began with multiple pods of two whales hanging out within close proximity to each other as they all took some time to get a quick rest in. A little while later they began to shuffle towards each other as a total of six whales joined together for some fun.

During this time the local Bottlenose Dolphins came over to join in on the socialisation and it was lovely to observe these two species interacting together. The Humpback Whales were excited as they enthusiastically followed each other around in the lovely morning conditions. A further pod began to try and get the attention of these social whales by repeating pec slapping for a while. It was a beautiful morning to be out on the water and enjoy the last of these calm conditions before a weather front moves through tomorrow which should clear by later this week. The whales we met today seemed to be happily settling in for the afternoon and didn’t appear to be in a rush to leave. Most will stay for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours while the worst of the weather moves through before getting ready to leave the resting grounds and continue the journey to their summertime home with abundant krill waiting for their arrival.

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