Whales Play Off Fremantle

Whales play off Fremantle this morning as three beautiful batchelor male Humpback Whales stretched out in the sunshine and played amongst the seaweed. It was a beautiful morning with calm conditions and clouds clearing after a few days of windy weather. Fantastic to be back out on the Indian Ocean in search of southbound Humpback Whales amongst the calm sea and diving Gannets. A lofty exhale floated skywards and we moved down into an area that the last sighting had been observed in. Watching carefully for that next surfacing a mighty whoosh escaped very close to us as on our port side as a beautiful Humpback Whale surfaced calmly. Quickly followed by a second individual we watched on as both whales steadily swam towards Rottnest Island. The second surfacing arrived a few minutes later and this time not two but three whales surfaced, we had ourselves a cheeky batchelor pod! 

Looking carefully we could see plenty of scars both new and old on all three whales which is typical of the males in the population. During each breeding season they tend to collect a few battle scars which heal over time but always remain with the whales for life. One of the males in particular had the most stunning jet black belly which extended all the way to the underside of his fluke and what a wonderful new addition he will be to the catalogue. The horizon would see an explosion of white water every now and again as further pods were travelling south and a mighty breach and head lunge left a very big sound in the area, a great example of communication of the Language of the Whales. The Batchelor males were more interested in us though as they swam curious and close before finding a perfect clump of floating seaweed to play and roll in on this beautiful morning.

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