Whales WA

The Whales of WA never cease to amaze us with their extraordinary Language of the Whales and epic migrations that are undertaken. The beautiful calm Indian Ocean stretched out for miles as the warm sunshine put a smile on everyones face as we journeyed towards the sighting grounds. Our first meeting was with a very slinky pod of mother and calf who were slipping through the calm conditions. Making a very gentle approach, we monitored their movement and it wasn’t too long before mum had accepted us into the pod. Her little calf was pleased to have a new friend and decided to pop his head above the surface in a few little spy hops to get a better look. Jade noticed another pod moving up behind us and we decided to wish mother and calf well for the rest of their morning relax and exploration along the coastline of Perth.

Meeting the two individuals it was quick to observe that we had an escort pod with a large female being accompanied by a smaller male escort. We were all very peaceful as they were in a gentle migration mode. Suddenly and with powerful movement, both whales launched into incredible surface activity as they breached and lunged. A total of 7 breaches in seventeen second showed off the agility and power of these magnificent Whales WA and they completed the incredible conversation with some loud pec slapping. A beautiful day sighting two very different energies amongst our migrating whales. Starting to head further into October we will sight more and more mothers and their lovely calves moving down the coastline as the weather starts to warm. Mumma Humpbacks belly starts to rumble for their long awaited meal after living for many months just off their fat reserves, which are now running very low. Thankfully her calf does not feel the hunger as they are happily consuming 200+ litres of milk everyday provided lovingly by mum.

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