What is a Humpbacks Predator?

What is a Humpbacks predator? The main predators for Humpback Whales are Orca and sharks as today an incredible breaching spectacle was observed as five males travelling in a competition pod breached at the same time. It was remarkable to witness as the males seemed to be responding to a shark that has been observed hanging around the area over the last few days and causing a similar response from mother and calf pods with reactive and aggressive surface language. The boys had been travelling in a bachelor pod of 9 individuals and it was incredible to watch as further ahead we could see five of the pod launch into a breach each consecutively which left a truly enormous amount of white water behind. A few head lunges follow quickly after and we were pretty confident that shark would be hightailing it out of there as quickly as possible!

Joining with the males they welcomed us into their pod as we travelled with them through the resting grounds as nearby mums and calves kept a low profile. It is late in the season for the boys and they will be in need of sustenance as the krill will be calling them to Antarctica and motivating them to move efficiently. The mother whales seemed to know that they were settled into a good migratory rhythm and as they moved closer towards Rottnest Island the calves began to play as pec slapping and tail lobbing unfolded. The winds also started to ruffle the waters surface after what had been a beautiful and busy morning with the whales. It is fascinating to watch how the Humpback Whales respond towards these predators and when a shark is becoming nuisance a powerful reaction of aggressive surface language will certainly divert the predator away from the whales. Thankfully for the mums and calves this response also helped them out by keeping the shark nervous and allowing for all the mums to be on guard should he return back to the area.

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