Where are the Bremer Bay Orca?

Where are the Bremer Bay Orca and how close to land can they be found? Incredibly, the Orca of Bremer Bay are located only 19 nautical mile from the coastline where you will find The Patch which is a location that we observe the Orca in on 80-90% of our tours. The departure to the sighting ground is often filled with visitors as hungry Shearwaters and Albatross  glide past in search of food while Common Dolphins surge towards us to enjoy some bow riding.

Shortly after crossing over the continental shelf we have arrived and the search begins for the Orca who gather in this very special location regularly throughout the summer months. During our day with the Orca we often have the Bremer Bay sand dunes keeping us company as we observe the Orca foraging and hunting in The Patch which provides a reliable and regular food supply.

The flow of currents and topography of the underwater Continental Shelf and nearby canyons provides a perfect environment for nutrient rich waters to flourish during the summer months. The Orca along with thousands of other individuals including Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, Sharks, Beaked Whales, Sunfish and Seabirds gather every year to feast on the plentiful food available.

The Orca are specialist hunters and spend much over their time traversing the Continental Shelf which is just a short cruise from the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour. Looking back on the sand dunes and coastline each day on our journeys is always a surprising moment for guests as they realise that Australia’s most famous Orca are only 19 nautical miles away from the coast!