Where Can I Go Whale Watching?

Where can I go whale watching? During the spring months in Western Australia we are blessed to observe the largest Humpback Whale migration on the planet as over forty-five thousand make their journey past the city of Perth. It is always a sure sign that it’s October when we are surrounded by mum and calf pods as we were today with one lone bachelor male escorting a mum and calf as well. A slight breeze lingered throughout the day but it was still a beautiful Sunday to spend on the water watching our Humpbacks. A curious calf came right across our bow checking out all our Pod Members onboard while mum hovered underneath him never too far away from her calf.

A huge cloud of white water caught our attention close to Rottnest Island, an enormous head lunge from a female humpback with her little calf in tow showing off his breaching technique, a 10/10 from us. All the pods shuffled around as a little breach here and there by our calves communicating towards each other was good to see that even at this young age they are learning the Language of the Whales. Interacting with over ten different mum and calf pods today we were delighted to see them all in very good condition. It is always a joy seeing healthy, happy Humpback calves frolicking in these sheltered waters. Another generation of Humpbacks to take over our coastline in years to come. When it comes to whale watching Western Australia is right at the top of list with an abundance of different species, dates and locations all up and down our coastline. Where can I go whale watching? With Whale Watch Western Australia all year round.

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